The Journey Begins


As many of my facebook friends know, this last week marked the beginning of a life change for me.  Hubs had a doctor’s appointment, that was a little scary to be honest.  It was a wake up call for the both of us, and that was when we made the decision to become healthier. We started by going for walks, and we now do sit-ups, crunches, squats, and push-ups together as well.  The first few times were rough, I’m not even going to lie.  We are anything but, in shape.  It’s really freaking hard breaking habits that have been in play for years.  But, we’re doing it together, and I know that because of that, we will succeed.  He motivates me when I feel like giving up.  And I, in turn, encourage him when he’s in a rut.  And you know what?  It gets easier every day.

Tonight while we were walking, he reached out to hold my hand.  

Even after almost twelve years of marriage, that spark is still there, and I know he’s got my back no matter what.  It’s those little things in life that make it worthwhile.  Everything is easier when you have someone to support you. ❤