Indigo’s 21 with TL Reeve 5/18/13

Well, today I have the pleasure of interviewing my good friend and writing partner, TL Reeve!  This girl is as crazy as they come,and I love her to death. She writes some SMOKIN’ M/M books, and rocks the BDSM. Sit back and get to know TL!

 Image1. Tell us a little about yourself and your books.
This is the part of the interview where I just give you the droll stare and say, really? *enter droll stare* LOL, I’m a single mom with a beautiful 11 year old daughter. I love to write just about anything, but I seem to have a knack for writing Alpha males in seriously hot situations.
Indigo: Well I know everything about you, but your readers don’t, silly. Just answer the questions and stop being difficult!

2. What genre(s) do you write?
BDSM, LGBT, Contemporary, Paranormal, Action/Adventure, Menage, and Suspense

3. What was it like to see your first book published?
Wow, that was something. I remember opening up my email at work to check in and saw my first contract. I couldn’t believe it. I think I was sick to my stomach at first, then excited, then sick to my stomach all over again. LOL, but it was the moment I knew I could be a writer and always enjoy what I do.

4. How dear to your heart is writing? Do you think you’ll continue to write for the rest of your life?
Pretty near and dear. I can see myself at seventy or eighty sitting at a computer, or whatever we have in the future, telling some tale of misfortune or love. Erotica included. I think I’ll be a hip grandma.

5. Do you ever lock up?  Have those moments where you just stare at your screen and think, “Yeah…I got nothing”?
All the time. I have my killer days where it’s like nothing can stop me from writing. To, what the heck was I thinking? I’m walking through sludge right now. I need to stop. So I shut it down do something else and try again later that day or the next.

6. How difficult is it for you to come up with ideas for your books?
Again, haven’t we been over this? *droll stare* LOL, it just takes a word or phrase, a picture or snipit of a conversation and I have a story idea. I live in my imagination.
Indigo: Ah yes, and Skype calls, where you are bold enough to get mouthy, and then blush when my husband catches you.  Yes, you heard right people, TL still has the ability to blush!

7. What about characters? Are the names and personalities difficult to develop?
Characters are a little harder. I have a hard time with keeping names fresh and unique. Personalities though, I can do that. Every character has a piece of my sarcasm in them. It’s hard not to, but the majority of time, I let them do the talking and just build from there.

8. Do you ever find yourself struggling as a writer?
Sometimes, I always want to one up myself. I guess that is the competitor in me. My next book must be better than my last. And most certainly must be better than my very first. So I sometimes put tons of pressure on myself to produce.

9. About how long does it take for you to complete a book, from concept to completion?
Depends on how into the book I am. If it’s a short book, a week. If it’s longer maybe a month or two. It just depends on the size.

10. Do you have a ritual before, during and after finishing a book?
After the book is finished I have a sweet treat. I buy a book I’ve been wanting and I read. During the time I’m writing, I must have music. It pushed the pacing of the books for me.

11. Do you have a special time or place to write?
Usually late at night after everyone is asleep or early in the morning when nothing is on and I can concentrate the most.

12. Any funny experiences or quirks you’d like to share with your readers?
Quirks? Hmm, I don’t think so. Do you think I have any quirks, Indigo? 
Indigo: Too many to name, but this is for the readers to get to know you…so I’ll keep your raging addiction porn a secret.

13. How do you find the time to balance your writing and family life?
I try to do everything when my daughter is at school or when she is asleep. That way if she needs me, I can stop what I am doing and help her out. It’s pretty easy to balance when you get the hang of it.

14. How much down-time do you take between books? Or do you just jump right into the next?
Um a few days, mostly. Unless the book series is really good, then I move right into the next.

15. Do you have any interesting hobbies that you enjoy?
I like to RP. I like working with my hands. If I get the chance, my hands are under the hood of a car tinkering. Or I like building stuff. Power tools are my friend. (So sexy, huh?)

16. If you could visit any place in the world, where would it be?
I think I would love to go to Scotland and Ireland.

17. What’s next on your agenda?  Any new books in the works?
I have a series going with you. We’re writing Legal Dom and I’m putting the finishing touches on two more of my On the Set books.

18. What advice would you give to others who want to make writing their career?
Keep writing. The more you write, the better you get. Don’t argue with your editors, they are only trying to better your work. Even the best authors have editors. Also never give up.

19. What authors inspire you?
Shayla Black, Lexi Blake, Cherise Sinclair, Lynsay Sands, Nina Bangs, Hannah Howell…do you really want me to list them all? LOL

20. What’s something unique about you that not many people might know?
Er, um? I can beat box…no wait, that was Will Smith. Er, I can paint happy trees…no, that’s Bob Ross. I don’t know…My brain is like a sponge when it comes to movie quotes and music lyrics. I would have been a wiz at Name that Tune. I could’ve named stuff in 3 bars.

 21. Is there anything you would like to share about your writing and publishing experience that might inspire and support new and struggling writers?
All of us struggle and all of us have our good and bad days. You just have to keep swimming. Always look forward and know that it does get easier and it does become more fun than work, even at your darkest moments. Never give up and never surrender. (Did you see what I did there?? Yeah, I’m cool like that! LOL)

And there you have it folks! Spunky, sassy and weird, that’s my TL! Tell us, TL, where can your readers stalk you?





4 thoughts on “Indigo’s 21 with TL Reeve 5/18/13

  1. shaynarenee33 says:

    You guys are cray cray! 😉 You Rock TL! Loving the blog Indigo! ❤

  2. Absolutely loved the interview!

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