Hotness Abounds!

Well, TL and I finished UNDERCOVER DOM, the first book in the Crimson Heat Series, and it has been submitted for publishing.  Now, while we are patiently *twitches* waiting to hear on if it will be accepted, we are starting book two, LEGAL DOM.  Legal Dom is the story of Rune and Eliza, a sexy interracial couple who are destined to burn up our laptops (Dallas and Taryn succeeded in actually blowing up TL’s, so maybe I’ll get a new one next) After that…there will be three (possibly four) more books in the series.  DIRTY DOM, DOUBLE DOM, and RESTLESS DOM will follow, in that order.  I had to really step up my game writing with TL, and I can honestly say that Undercover Dom is my best writing yet.  If you haven’t checked out the teasers we posted on our facebook ‘like’ pages, PLEASE do!! Hotness abounds!

ImageNow…If only I could remember where I put my notebook that had all of the notes in it for Rune’s book.  Stay tuned for updates!

2 thoughts on “Hotness Abounds!

  1. Laura Lee says:

    hotness indeed!!!!

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