Carpet Rage

Well, my newest adventure has been starting on my first collaboration with another author, and it couldn’t have come at a better time.  Remember the new carpet that I was supposed to get on Friday that I was going to roll around in like a cat? Yeah, well they didn’t show up, so now it’ll be MONDAY before the can get it done.  So, having a story to work on has kept my rage at bay, especially since my writing partner is a slave driver (insert droll stare at TL Reeve here).  Here’s the deal.  We’re working on book one of a five book series, which tells the story of a BDSM club called Crimson Heat.  Undercover Dom is already burning up my computer screen, and in two days TL and I have banged out over 10,000 words. 

Now, I’ll admit I was super nervous about doing this collaboration with TL.  Not many people know this, but she’s multi-published, with numerous books under her belt.  (In respect of her privacy, I will not say what her other pen name is, just take my word on this…she’s awesome) She’s crazy talented, and that scared the hell out of me, but as we go…we’re rocking it.  We’re not even half way done yet. This is thanks to me hiding away in my room to avoid looking at the state of my living room and kitchen, and constant harassment from TL.  I can NOT wait to get this done and submitted.  Hope you are all well and hopefully this time tomorrow, I’ll be rolling around in my new carpet.  If not, I may be doing my next blog post from prison! 🙂

Another freaking password…

When I decided to try my hand at writing, no one warned me of the number of accounts I would need to make and maintain in order to promote myself.  I vowed, I was not making any more after having to make a binder (yes a BINDER) to keep all my information in.  Yet here we are.  Welcome to my freaking blog!